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Bronze bushings made of CuSn5Zn5Pb5, CuAl8Fe3, CuSnP alloys

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Bronze bushes (liners) are consumable parts for loaded various mechanisms. The bushings or liners are the softest and plastic parts of the assembly, they are subjected to deformations and mechanical influences, while retaining the resource of the main parts.
The classical function of bronze bushings (liners) is the role of sliding bearings, bronze is very plastic antifriction material. Bronze bushes are used in all areas of industrial equipment: machine tools, turbines, reducers, pumps, rolling mills, agricultural machinery and others.
The use of high-quality bronze bushings leads to an increase in the life of the equipment, reduces the risk of emergencies, which ultimately increases the reliability and profitability of the enterprise.
Our company manufactures bushings from blanks of bronze alloys CuSn5Zn5Pb5, CuAl8Fe3 and CuSn6.5F0.5.
In the process of setting up the production line of bronze bushings by casting. For the order please contact +3067-571-16-99

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